Open workshop

🆕🆕🆕 Good news: it's happening again!

The staff situation has finally improved and we can open again! Feel free to drop by - at the moment we are aiming to open our doors every second Wednesday from 18:00 - 20:00. In the calendar below you can see the next dates and whether it will take place 👇🏻

Our open wood workshop is all about making the world of woodworking accessible to everyone, regardless of your current skill level. It should be a place where you can develop your skills and bring creative ideas to life. What else we have in mind:

  • Support for beginners: Whether you've never worked with wood before or not, we'll be happy to teach you basic skills and safety tips
  • Access to professional tools: We have a wide range of high-quality tools that you can use without having to buy expensive equipment yourself first
  • Experienced guidance: Our members are on hand with advice and support to ensure you can successfully complete your project
  • Creative freedom: We encourage you to implement your own ideas with us and support you in realizing your wood projects
  • Community and exchange: You are also welcome to come along to meet like-minded people, share ideas and learn from each other
  • Safety first: We place great importance on working safely and will teach you the right techniques and processes.

Please check the calendar to see if the open workshop is actually taking place:

How do we envision this?

The idea is that there is a fixed date to which basically anyone can come who has something to do with wood. The workshop is open on this date and there is at least 1 member present who then takes over the supervision.

Want to donate? With pleasure!

Basically, everything we do is based on donations. However, we cannot determine the amount of the donation. It depends entirely on the time and materials required for your project and how much you are able/willing to give.

Support gladly - service no

We believe that creativity and craftsmanship thrive best when you put them into practice yourself. Our members are not service providers who do everything for you, but rather fellow campaigners who support you in becoming active yourself. In principle, we only offer you the framework to provide knowledge and support to turn your ideas into reality

Spontaneous or with registration?

Registration is not mandatory, but especially for larger projects we would be happy if you let us know in advance what you are planning to do and that you are coming along. This not only saves you unnecessary travel/transportation if we can't help you on the day - it also helps us if there is something to prepare or certain material/tools are needed.