Frequently asked questions

Hello and Moin, nice that you are interested in the wood workshop and made it to the FAQ. That might well answer some questions in advance and save us the ignominy of a too-late email response. ;)

Unfortunately, the open wood workshop does not take place at the moment :( But we are in the process of changing that and then also communicate here on the website when it is so far.

Courses we have in the wood area currently one for instruction in special machines - Orga takes place via the mail distributor of the wood workshop. A course on the basics of woodworking we want to create, currently there is not yet.

But we don't know what you mean by "other" - if you don't find it in the rest of the questions and you still think the wood workshop is the right contact > mail to .

Yes, there is a separate tariff for this. In addition, use is only possible under supervision. This means that if you are not a member, you can only use the workshop while one of our members is present. To do this, you need to make an individual appointment with one of the members or come along to the open workshop

Let's go to the open wood workshop that takes place irregularly. There you can work with our assistance and for a donation for a few hours with everything we have, or let someone else operate the nastier devices. Come by, show us what you're up to and we'll see together if we can make it make sense in the context of the open workshop.

Oh ha. Well, if you know from the start that the open workshop is probably not the right setting because you want to mouth-carve a secretary in Scandinavian design from the finest walnut - then send an email with a few basics about your project idea to We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. If you are not sure whether your project belongs to the category big or small and it is not super urgent, then it is best to come to the open workshop and discuss it with us and take the opportunity to have a look at the workshop.

As a club member, you can place orders (usually with Holzmüller Sachsen). For the open wood workshop, you need to bring your own material or you can browse through our leftover stock.

In our workshop, we have established a three-tier safety concept to ensure that every member is able to operate machines safely and responsibly. You can find out which machines belong to which category here. The concept is divided into the following levels:

Level 1 🟩 (green)

to use machines in the green category:

  1. Read the presentation
  2. Meeting on site
  3. Fill outquestionnaire

Level 2 🟨 (yellow)

to use machines in the yellow category:

  • Individual safety briefing of individual machines by experienced members
  • honeycomb" workshop if required

Level 3 🟥 (red)

to be allowed to use machines in the red category:

  • Participation in the "Honeycomb" or "Meggi Messer" workshop (approx. 6-8 hours)
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In all cases, the operating instructions must be read and the proper condition (visual inspection) checked before using the machines.